A Race to the Finish on Oroville Dam Spillway Fix

Engineering News Record » Seemingly chaotic but actually highly choreographed and sequenced, the $1.1-billion Lake Oroville Spillways Emergency Recovery Project moves at an ultra-fast-track pace for one important reason: to repair the structures in time to protect cities, farmland and hundreds of thousands of people downstream of Oroville Dam before Northern California’s rainy season begins in November.

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Bill to allow citizen oversight of Oroville Dam signed into law

KRCR-TV » A bill that will allow citizen oversight of the Oroville Dam, and the public safety issues that come along with it, was signed into law this week by Governor Jerry Brown. Governor Brown signed into law Senator Jim Nielsen’s legislation to create the Citizens Advisory Commission for Oroville Dam. The measure empowers residents to be involved in public safety issues relating to the dam.

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Lawmaker voices concerns over Oroville cost overruns

Western Farm Press » The California congressman whose district includes the area round the Oroville Dam is voicing concerns that the cost of a dam reconstruction project now in its second year is now projected at $1.1 billion.

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Temporary wall collapses on Oroville Dam spillway

Chico Enterprise-Record » A 30-foot-wide section of temporary wall on the upper chute of the Oroville Dam spillway fell over late last week, the state Department of Water Resources confirmed on Monday. The collapse did not impact construction deadlines and resulted in no injuries, according to the department.

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VIDEO: Oroville Dam’s Yearlong Progress

Construction Equipment » The California Department of Water Resources released a video showing before-and-after footage of construction on the Oroville Dam between July 2017 and 2018. The video offers a fly over of the wreckage, showing the dam’s giant canyons in 2017 juxtaposed with today’s smoothed-over layer of structural concrete.

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