DWR expands on response to spillway forensic report

Chico Enterprise-Record » The state Department of Water Resources has beefed up its response to the independent forensic report on what caused the Oroville Dam spillway failure last year. A revised dam safety policy, which will “further define roles and responsibilities” of the executive-level engineer, the chief dam safety engineer and other related State Water Project divisions, should be released by the end of the year.

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Audit: $360M needed to fix New York dams

Times Union » Dozens of dams in New York’s Capital Region are one superstorm from failure, according to a new report comptroller’s report, and pose a widespread danger should any collapse.

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California State Officials Voice Concerns Over a Federal Plan to Raise the Shasta Dam

Pacific Standard » Officials have estimated that adding 18.5 vertical feet to Shasta Dam will cost $1.3 billion. Heightening the dam will increase the size of California’s largest reservoir, but it could also create problems for local fish and wildlife populations. If the dam is raised, uncertainties will remain about how water is used and who or what will see benefits

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Oroville Dam: FEMA still deciding whether to reimburse DWR for major repairs

Chico Enterprise-Record » The agency has provided the department with about $139 million for emergency restoration work, including debris removal. FEMA is currently considering DWR’s request of $500 million to repair the main spillway and $75 million to repair the emergency spillway. The department is also seeking reimbursement for damages to Hyatt Powerplant, transmission lines and the Feather River Fish Hatchery.

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Oroville Dam without DWR? It’s a possibility

Chico Enterprise-Record » A bill proposed by Assemblyman James Gallagher which would take the State Water Project out of the hands of the state Department of Water Resources passed unanimously on Tuesday through a legislative committee. Assembly Bill 3045 passed 15-0 through the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and is now headed to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

2018-04-25T11:24:53+00:00 April 24th, 2018|California, Dams, Oroville Dam|
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