L.A. to get nearly $1.5B in federal funds for subway extension

89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio » The $1.487 billion agreement between the federal government and Metro calls for a $1.187 billion construction grant through the Federal Transit Administration’s Capital Investment Grant program along with a $307 million loan from the Department of Transportation.

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The 405 in the Rear-View Mirror

Los Angeles Times» 

 Because of the numerous problems that the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement has had, which have now created a $100 M cost overrun and a year-long delay, people are beginning to question the use of design-build for major highway projects. Article focuses on extensive utility relocation, highlighting that the contractor had no knowledge of how many utility lines and storm-drains would need to be dealt with. Along with providing additional details on other issues that have delayed the project, and on who will bear the responsibility for these problems, article goes on to highlight that the most important lesson that LA Metro should learn from this experience is: “a pure design-build approach does not work well on big, challenging project. These projects need more time upfront for engineering and preliminary design work.”

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405 Freeway Widening Project delayed by a year, $75 M over-budget

The Huffington Post »

This article investigates the costs and delays accumulating on the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement Project in Los Angeles, California. It includes details on a retaining wall collapse, one of the biggest problems during construction, which took place in December 2011. Article then covers other issues the problem has had including utility relocations and investigates who will pay for the delays and cost overruns: the contractor or the local agency?  Overall LA Metro is very disappointed in the contractor’s performance.

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Metro Board approves toll lane project

Santa Clarita Signal »

This article covers the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LA METRO) decision to approve tolled carpool lanes for Interstate 5 through the Santa Clarita Valley. LA METRO’s Board of directors supported to move unanimously and are eager to begin work on the proposed public-private partnership. Article provides more detail on the project, how much public money is needed, and a look ahead at the future steps for the project.

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405 Project Stuck in the Slow Lane

Los Angeles Times »

Article examines the delays and cost overruns with the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement Design-Build project. Transportation officials acknowledged in April 2013 that the project is running about a year behind schedule and has seen the cost increase by $100 million. Construction has caused major disruptions in the communities near the freeway and the delay and increased costs have only added to the resentment LA residents are feeling. Article provides details on why the project is behind schedule and the reasons for the cost increase, also raises the valid question of who will be responsible for paying these additional costs.

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Despite Challenges, I-405 Progress Continues

LA Metro Source »

This is an article put out by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA METRO) to update the public on the progress of the I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvement project. Provides a recap of all the construction feats that have been accomplished to date, a brief overview of the challenges the project has faced, and what they plan to accomplish within the next year.

Below is a depiction of just how complex the utility system is under the existing road, which has been one of the most challenging aspects of the project:

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