Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge: Is the new Tappan Zee Bridge really on time and on budget?

The Journal News » Within three years, Binghamton University and Rutgers University researchers hope to perfect a fungus — rather than a bacteria — that will organically heal cracks that develop in concrete. Moisture that seeps in would germinate the fungus, which would create mineral deposits that could fill cracks even larger than those used in the bacteria experiments.

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Ticket to Ride: Cuomo’s 6 biggest transportation projects – and how much further they need to go

City & State New York » Here are the six most important infrastructure investments in New York this year, including the Tappan Zee Bridge project ($3.98 billion), the Gateway Tunnel project ($13 billion) and the Interstate 81 viaduct project in Syracuse ($1.7 billion).

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Video: Tappan Zee replacement gets westbound stay cables installed

The Lower Hudson Journal News » Crews have finished installing stay cables on the westbound span of the new Tappan Zee Bridge, the first portion of the bridge set to open later this year.

N.Y. Seeks Details from Thruway Authority on T.Z. Bridge Funding Plans

Associated Press/ENR Magazine »

New York State lawmakers are pursuing details from the Thruway Authority about the financing plan and new toll estimates for the Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement Project that is currently underway. The replacement bridge is expected to open in 2018. Governor Cuomo proposes spending $1.3 billion on the project to reduce tolls and prevent toll hikes.


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Environmentalists Sue New York Over Tappan Zee Funding

CBS New York »

A group of environmentalists have filed a lawsuit against the state of New York over plans to borrow funds from the state’s clean water program to provide a $511 million loan to the Tappan Zee Replacement Bridge project. The environmentalists are concerned that this funding plan could set a dangerous national precedent if it is allowed to proceed. In September, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced they would only authorize $29 million from the clean water program for the bridge project and the state may appeal the EPA’s decision.

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