State OKs $485M for new Pacheco Reservoir

San Benito Free Lance » The California Water Commission has approved $484.55 million to expand the Pacheco Reservoir for drinking water reserves and improved protections for steelhead salmon.  The money comes from the state’s Proposition 1 approved by California voters, and represents the full amount sought by the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

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California drinking water tax dies in budget compromise

The Sacramento Bee » Lawmakers and Brown’s office scrapped the “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act,” which would have taxed residents 95 cents a month to raise millions for cleaning toxic wells. Instead, legislative leaders agreed to spend $5 million from the general fund to deal with lead in drinking water at child care centers. They also plan to allocate $23.5 million from the general fund for “safe drinking water actions later in this legislative session.”

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Why Southern California is calling for a do-over on its vote to bankroll the Delta tunnels

The Sacramento Bee » A historic vote on the Delta tunnels project is getting a do-over. Southern California’s powerful water agency — the Metropolitan Water District — said Thursday its board will vote again in July on whether to pay for the lion’s share of the project, known officially as California WaterFix.

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California Sued Over Delta Tunnels Project Changes

SCV News » Environmental organizations sued the California agency in charge of managing the massive WaterFix project Friday, saying the state illegally altered the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta management plan to favor the project over ecological restoration.

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Price tag for better tasting water in the South Bay just increased by $50 million

The Mercury News » The project will boost the facility’s output from 80 million to 100 million gallons of drinking water a day. The 43-acre Rinconada Water Treatment Plant opened in 1967; the modernization addresses more stringent infrastructure, seismic stability and water quality standards than were in place then.

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A Washington bomb set to go off in California’s delta tunnels water war

Los Angeles Times » Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Corona) inserted a rider into an Interior Department appropriations bill that would exempt the project from all judicial review. If passed by the House (likely) and Senate (possible) and signed by President Trump (probable), the rider would open a gaping hole in California and federal law.

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