Inside the Draft infrastructure plan issued in House

Infrastructure Report Card » US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, R-Pa., has released a long-awaited infrastructure discussion draft that includes tax increases of 15 cents per gallon of gasoline and 20 cents per gallon of diesel to shore up the Highway Trust Fund.  Go inside the plan.

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Republicans hope to ride a gas-tax repeal to victory

Los Angeles Times » Republicans are on the verge of turning in at least 830,000 signatures for an initiative to repeal the tax increase. Democrats say they are not worried, because the gas tax is paying for much-needed road and bridge repairs. The thinking is that President Trump’s policy decisions will be a bigger factor for voters. The initiative targets a law approved as SB 1 in April 2017 by the Democratic-controlled Legislature and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. It is expected to raise $5.4 billion annually for road and bridge repairs and improvements to mass transit.

2018-04-26T16:06:04+00:00April 26th, 2018|California, Fuel Tax, Roads|

Mich. governor pushes increase to federal gas tax

Detroit Free Press » Snyder, a Republican who is under fire along with state lawmakers over the shape of Michigan’s roads, said the state has taken steps to increase road funding and can do more, but it’s also time for the federal government to step up.

2018-03-23T14:26:30+00:00March 20th, 2018|Fuel Tax, Michigan|
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