VIDEO: An exclusive look at the new Hwy. 1 over Big Sur’s massive landslide

The Tribune » As Caltrans workers and private contractors work seven days a week to rebuild Highway 1 at Mud Creek, they’ve learned to watch for water coming at them from two directions: the surf below and the sky above.

2018-01-10T12:04:51-08:00January 8th, 2018|Bridges, California, Highways|

Highway 1 was buried under a massive landslide. Months later, engineers battle Mother Nature to fix it

Los Angeles Times » Ever since May, when a near-vertical slope of mountain collapsed at a place called Mud Creek, teams of geologists and engineers have clawed over rocks and boulders, through brush and chaparral, to come up with a plan for reconnecting Big Sur’s severed coastal artery.

2017-11-13T14:43:38-08:00November 9th, 2017|California, Highways|
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