710 Freeway expansion: What $12 billion will pay for … maybe some day

The Pasadena Star-News » Nearly two decades in the making, the proposed expansion of the 710 Freeway from Long Beach to East Los Angeles, could cost the same as the 2,000-mile wall President Donald Trump wants to build along the Mexican border.

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How high-tech scaffolding is helping build Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach

Press Telegram »

Crews working on the $1.5 billion Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project in Long Beach, California are using two specially designed movable scaffolding systems, that cost $10 million each, to build roadway segments with a 205-foot clearance for shipping vessels. The movable scaffolding systems allow workers to use laser surveying equipment below the bridge to ensure the scaffolding and bridge segments are properly aligned, and to assemble formwork.

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Innovative Public-Private Partnership for the New Long Beach Civic Center

Public CEO »

Plenary-Edgemoor Civic Partners was awarded a $530 million public-private partnership (P3) contract to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain (DBFOM) the new Long Beach Civic Center. This is the city’s second P3 for public building construction. The city’s new courthouse opened in 2013 and was delivered through a $390 million DBFOM P3 contract. These DBFOM contracts will be repaid with interest over the next 40 years.

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Gerald Desmond Bridge project will be delayed by more than a year

Long Beach Press Telegram » The Gerald Desmond Bridge is a massive $1.2 Billion project in Long Beach, California. This project was selected as a Design-Build (DB) project, one of the first ten of such project delivery in the state of California. The idea was that going with DB would save both time and money but after more than a year of construction, neither has proved true. The cost has increased by 35% over the original budget proposed in 2010 and now it is expected to be more than a year behind schedule with hefty adjustments to construction and design that will.

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Long Beach allocates record $788 million for capital expenditure

Port Technology »

This article covers the record setting nature of the Port of Long Beach’s Gerald Desmond Bridge in California, specifically that it is the most expensive project in the Port’s history. The Port announced its largest ever capital improvement spending plan in June 2013: $1.2 billion budget for fiscal year 2014. Goes on to provide additional details on the Port’s budget and what is needed to administer the projects it is charge of.

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