What’s Colorado Proposition 110: Sales tax increase for transportation

Denver Post » Proposition 110 would increase the state sales tax from 2.9 percent to 3.52 percent for the next 20 years to fund state and local transportation projects, including new roads, maintenance of existing roads and debt repayment. Revenue would go to the state (45 percent), local governments (40 percent) and multimodal transportation projects (15 percent).

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House GOP chairman introduces draft of infrastructure plan

The Hill » Schuster released a draft of a long-awaited infrastructure plan on Monday that addresses possible funding sources for a number of potential projects, and levies taxes on multiple fuel sources. The bill calls for significant federal investment in infrastructure projects and grant programs through at least 2021.

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Trump administration budget trims Metro subsidy instead of killing it, as feared

The Washington Post » Metro got a little good news Monday when President Trump’s budget proposed to trim the agency’s federal subsidy to $120 million from $150 million rather than eliminate it, as feared. But the White House and the Transportation Department also warned that they want to shrink federal support for Metro, at a time when the region’s top elected officials of both parties are seeking to increase such backing.

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VIDEO: Shake tables test accelerated bridge construction methods

University of Nevada, Reno » Mimicking the large ground motions of the deadly and damaging 1994 Northridge, California earthquake but amplified to a magnitude 7.5., the 100-ton, 70 foot long bridge was sitting on three large shake tables in the University of Nevada, Reno Earthquake Engineering Laboratory. The demonstration was the first large-scale bridge model to test five principles and techniques of accelerated bridge construction combined in one bridge model.

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