VIDEO: Foam injections help NCDOT reopen I-95 after flooding from Hurricane Florence

Equipment World » Hurricane Florence turned large sections of Interstates 95 and 40 into rivers, cutting off major north-south and east-west connections in the eastern part of the state. A week later, after flood waters receded, work crews drilled holes in pavement near two flooded bridges at the Lumber and Black rivers. The foam was injected into the holes. It hardens and stabilizes the ground beneath the road making a permanent repair to any holes that have formed underneath, NCDOT says.

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China joins UAE in race to build hyperloop network

Construction Week » Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT), the company bringing hyperloop to Abu Dhabi, has reached an agreement to build China’s first ultra-high-speed transportation network. The US-based company, which has an office in Abu Dhabi, will set up a 10km track in a mountainous stretch of Tongren, a city in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province.

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Builders, engineers defend accelerated bridge construction

Roads & Bridges » Due to the collapse of a newly installed pedestrian bridge built with accelerated bridge construction (ABC) methods at FIU, questions have been raised regarding the construction methods done on the bridge. Experienced professionals within the ABC realm are weighing in on their perspective of the incident as it relates to accelerated construction methods.

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Researchers develop first fungus-oriented self-healing concrete

Press & Sun Bulletin » Within three years, Binghamton University and Rutgers University researchers hope to perfect a fungus — rather than a bacteria — that will organically heal cracks that develop in concrete. Moisture that seeps in would germinate the fungus, which would create mineral deposits that could fill cracks even larger than those used in the bacteria experiments.

2018-04-03T12:46:41+00:00March 23rd, 2018|General Interest, U.S. News|

Researchers develop concrete transition system for bridges

Daily Commercial News » Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed a transition system at each end of a bridge that would eliminate the need for expansion joints. The transition system uses 20-30 concrete elements that distribute weight evenly across the bridge.

2018-03-20T08:39:46+00:00March 14th, 2018|Austria, Bridges, General Interest|

California bridge could transform industry with nanocrystals

Construction Connect » A new bridge will be built in California this summer. That’s hardly earth-shattering news. But this one will be different. Thanks to the work of researchers at Purdue University, this bridge will use concrete that has been infused with microscopic-sized nanocrystals from wood. The idea is that the nanocrystals will make the concrete stronger so that less of it is needed.

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