Trump poised to sign bipartisan water infrastructure bill

The Hill » America’s Water Infrastructure Act, the most comprehensive infrastructure legislation passed this Congress, will authorize over $6 billion in federal spending on ports, harbors and waterways. It will also deauthorize spending on water projects that have been deemed inefficient.

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Trump’s Failed Infrastructure Plan Is a Wasted Opportunity

Governing » The need is indeed enormous. The American Society of Civil Engineers has graded the nation’s infrastructure as a D+ and warned that its deterioration is harming the nation’s ability to compete in the global economy. In the early days after Trump’s inauguration, Republican strategist Steve Bannon predicted that infrastructure would give the president an added bonus, the key to “an entirely new political movement, as exciting as the 1930s,” even “greater than the Reagan revolution.” It was such a good idea, the White House believed, that Trump’s team boosted the target to $1.5 trillion. But nearly two years after the election, the plan is by all reports dead. Everyone seems to love the idea of investment in infrastructure, but no one has figured out how to pay for it.

Hopes for infrastructure deal with Trump rise if Dems win House

The Hill » Democrats are vowing to fight tooth and nail to oppose President Trump’s agenda if they win back the House. But there is one area where they may try to work with the administration.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has said an infrastructure and jobs package is a top priority for Democrats if they’re in the majority next year, and transportation is considered potential common ground between Trump and congressional Democrats.

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Transit Advocates: Is the White House Purposefully Delaying Project Funds?

Governing » Advocates say the Federal Transit Administration is sitting on nearly $1.8 billion that’s supposed to help build light rail lines, streetcars and subway improvements. Delaying these projects, they argue, could increase costs for local transit agencies.

Jolting California officials, Trump administration looks to rewrite rules for Delta water

The Sacramento Bee » In an unprecedented move, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has served notice to California officials, stating it wants to renegotiate a landmark 1986 agreement governing the big federal and state water projects and how they pump water through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to their member agencies in southern half of the state.

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