Infrastructure borrowing drops as U.S. states await Trump plan details

Reuters » President Donald Trump arrived in office having promised a bold $1 trillion infrastructure investment plan over 10 years for roads, bridges, airports and transit systems crumbling by the day across the United States. But nearly seven months later the administration has produced few details on the future of federal infrastructure funding, one reason why state and municipal governments have issued fewer bonds to improve roads, water systems and other projects so far in 2017.

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Border district Dems raise alarm over environmental impact of wall

The Hill » House Democrats representing districts along the U.S.-Mexico border expressed alarm on Friday that the Trump administration’s plans to waive certain environmental laws to build a wall could hurt wildlife.

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Homeland Security will waive laws to build US border wall

CBS 8 » The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement it will publish in “the coming days” in the Federal Register a notice exempting the government from the National Environmental Protection Act, which calls for extensive reviews of environmental impacts, and a host of other laws on 15 miles of border extending east from the Pacific Ocean.

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White House: Infrastructure bill remains Trump priority

The Hill » President Trump remains committed to working with Congress on a massive infrastructure bill, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday. The reassurance from the White House comes as GOP leaders have signaled that the timeline for Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure package — which has yet to be unveiled — will likely slip to next year. 

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Senate panel rejects Trump’s effort to slash transportation funding

The Hill » A Senate panel has rejected President Trump’s effort to eliminate Obama-era transportation grants, instead opting to provide a funding boost for the program.

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U.S. Infrastructure Renewal: Who Should Pay the Bill?

Knowledge@Wharton » From left-wing progressives to right-wing libertarians, nearly every faction in the American political spectrum agrees that the infrastructure in the U.S. desperately needs a rapid upgrade — not just as a mechanism to generate job growth but as a tool to improve the country’s competitiveness. Yet when the Trump administration laid out its promised vision for a $1 trillion, multi-year national infrastructure plan on May 23, the plan sparked controversy about what kind of infrastructure deserved top priority, and how to finance it.

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