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North Carolina is moving forward with a public-private partnership (P3) to add two tolled express lane to I-77 and some groups are not happy about the proposed prices. Traffic and tolling projections done by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) show that tolls during peak times could reach up to $9-$11. NCDOT insists that those figures are based on an earlier 2012 study and now that studies are more developed, their analysis shows that the peak rate would be closer to $2. People are remaining skeptical though as the private partner (Cintra Infrastructure SA) is expected to gain $13 billion in revenue over the 50 year contract. Some transportation commissioners and officials are even urging to delay signing the contract citing the fact that the math does not seem to add up. NCDOT says the contract is necessary because without the private investment they would not have enough to cover the $655 million cost of the project. Under the arrangement the state is paying only $88 million. These would be the first privately operated toll lanes in North Carolina.