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Interstate 69 (Indiana) |
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Interstate 69 (Indiana)

Indiana’s Interstate 69 extension is a 142-mile stretch of that the Indiana Department of Transportation divided into six independent project sections, with original cost estimates of $2 billion for the entire stretch. INDOT spearheaded construction for sections one through four, all of which are currently complete and open to traffic.

The project’s fifth section gained notoriety after the state entered a public-private partnership with a Spanish-based consortium. Plagued with an extensive list of delays and cost overruns, the troubled project has since become a prime example of yet another P3 failing to deliver on promises of a speedy completion and big savings for taxpayers.

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How Indiana Saved Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Interstate 69 — and then Blew It (Part 1)

How Indiana Saved Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Interstate 69 — and then Blew It (Part 2)

Roadwork funding: Trucking industry floats fuel tax increase as an alternative to increased tolls

Agrinews » The “Build America Fund” would increase gas taxes for gasoline and diesel by 20 cents per gallon. The plan would phase in the tax increases, starting with a 5-cent increase and then moving to the full 20-cent increase by 2021 and continuing at 20 cents until 2027. The tax would be collected on motor fuel at the wholesale terminal rack, before the fuels reach the retail level. The American Trucking Association is promoting the tax increase as an alternative to increased tolling.

February 19, 2019|

Plan for future along I-69 calls for future development

The Daily Journal » Years ago, local leaders envisioned the future Interstate 69 traveling through the county, entire route lined with businesses.  Now, that vision has changed.

August 24, 2018|

Indiana lawmakers add checks to agency responsible for I-69 construction ‘debacle’

Indy Star » The House unanimously approved House Bill 1374 on Monday, which would require the Indiana Finance Authority to only choose companies that have completed similar projects in North America during the past two years, when entering into a public-private partnership. IFA is the state agency responsible for overseeing public-private partnerships, including the 21-mile stretch of I-69 from Bloomington to Martinsville.

February 5, 2018|

Final miles of I-69 expected to take years, $1.5 billion to complete

Indianapolis Business Journal » As the state moves closer to starting work on the final stretch of the Interstate 69 extension, one thing is clear: It’s going to take many years and lots of money to complete the last 26 miles of the Evansville-to-Indianapolis project.

July 29, 2017|

Car accidents have increased during I-69 construction delays

Indianapolis Star » The two-year construction delay on I-69 isn’t just causing traffic headaches; it’s costing Hoosiers money and putting lives at risk.

June 19, 2017|
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