New Zealand Herald »   This article reveals that the Education Ministry of New Zealand is recommending that a new school, that will house grades 1-13, is set to be funded by the private sector. This revelation is based advice given to the Education Minister, series of recommendations for how school construction should be funded. The EM added that four public schools should close in December 2016 in order to consider P3 procurement. This plan was announced in May 2013 and input is currently being sought from the four schools, with one principal expressing concerns that the P3 would detract from the community approach the Aranui High School is trying to achieve. A business case has yet to be developed for the school and will likely play a key role in whether or not the super-school will proceed as a P3 with special emphasis on the cost comparison between P3 and traditional procurement. If project moves forward it would be the second school P3 in New Zealand.