Alaskan Way Viaduct Tear-Down Contract Awarded to Kiewit

Engineering News-Record » As Washington State Dept. of Transportation officials look toward a fall 2018 opening of the 1.7-mile-long bored tunnel under downtown Seattle that will replace the aging 1953-opened Alaskan Way Viaduct—also part of State Route 99—the final contract in the $3.3-billion project to tear down the viaduct was awarded to Kiewit Infrastructure West.

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The bullet train is California’s biggest infrastructure project — but it’s seldom discussed in governor’s race

Los Angeles Times » It’s the biggest infrastructure project in state history, but the California bullet train gets hardly any attention on the campaign trail. The leading candidates for governor have said little, if anything, publicly about how they would fix dire problems in the $77-billion mega-project that has already overrun its initial cost estimate by $44 billion.

Cost of high-speed rail jumps by millions for moving power, gas and phone lines

The Fresno Bee » The original $1 billion contract included an extra $53 million in “provisional sums” that a contractor could not be expected to predict in their bid. For utility relocation, that amount was tabbed at $25 million. Within months, however, that figure began to climb, and the rail agency increased its allowance for utility relocation to almost $69 million.

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High-speed rail project vastly underestimated cost of relocating utility lines beneath Fresno

Los Angeles Times » Buried beneath Fresno were some costly surprises for the California bullet train authority, which disclosed Tuesday that the price of utility relocations along a 29-mile section of railway has surged from a 2013 estimate of $69 million to $396 million. The California High-Speed Rail Authority board on Friday took up the problem, hearing from its staff that the original estimate contained a number of miscalculations.

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