After heavy rains, first use of partly rebuilt Oroville Dam spillway now ‘unlikely’

The Sacramento Bee » Last week, the California Department of Water Resources said the storm might cause water levels in the Lake Oroville reservoir to rise to the “trigger elevation” of 830 feet. At that point, DWR officials planned to open the spillway gates and release water down the 3,000-foot-long concrete chute. But the lake level only reached 799.7 feet over the weekend.

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A year after crumbling, Oroville Dam’s rebuilt spillway could be tested by coming storm

San Francisco Chronicle » Oroville Dam operators said Tuesday they may have to release water over a partially rebuilt spillway for the first time since repairs began on the badly damaged structure last summer. Department of Water Resources officials said anticipated storms could trigger releases this week or next. 

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Governor Brown signs dam inspection bill prompted by Oroville scare

The Sacramento Bee » Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that would tighten dam inspection standards following last year’s near catastrophe at Oroville Dam. On Monday, Brown signed Assembly Bill 1270. The bill codifies practices that state dam officials already were largely doing, but that the state’s Water Code only required they perform “from time to time.”

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Oroville Dam: DWR still expects feds to pay bulk of spillway repair costs

The Mercury News » The state Department of Water Resources is still expecting the federal government to pay the bulk of the cost of repairing the Lake Oroville spillways. The estimated cost is up to $870 million, and north state congressmen had indicated the Federal Emergency Management Agency had some doubts whether it could reimburse costs for a redesigned structure.

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DWR: Crews will be ready to work on main Oroville Dam Chute May 1st

Action News Now » The Department of Water Resources is expecting to resume work on the main Oroville Dam Spillway chute in the beginning of May as long as the weather allows. In terms of the dollar amount, that number remains at $870 million, and the DWR is operating as if FEMA will reimburse about 75% of that cost. Most of the work this year has been focused on the emergency spillway.

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Cost of crisis at Oroville Dam reaches $870 million

SF Gate » The costs of dealing with last year’s near-disaster at the nation’s tallest dam have reached $870 million, California officials said Friday. The figure for emergency response and repairs following the crisis at Northern California’s Oroville Dam should stand, said Erin Mellon, spokeswoman for the state Department of Water Resources. The total was pegged at $660 million in October.

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