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While the internal review of the $1.4 billion US 460 Project found no breaches in the law and process, it did raise some serious concerns about the way the proposed public-private partnership was progressing. Overall it found a lack of transparency keeping key stakeholders like the public and the Commonwealth Transportation Board in the dark. The deal was also found susceptible to the contractor overestimating the value of its work and services.

It is important to note that this report was also hampered by the previous Governor Bob McDonnell and his Chief of Staff as well as then Transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton, as they have held onto to some documents per the state code. They have been designated as the Governor’s working papers. Thus even more details are being withheld from the public which indicates there may be more they are trying to hide. The review made several recommendations for future P3 deals, including a 30 day period for state legislators to review the contract before  it is finalized.