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The Boulder Denver Turnpike, also known as US 36, is being planned as public-private partnership with a fifty year-long deal with the private sector to design, build, operate and maintain the route. Because of pressure from the public and the state’s lawmakers, the Colorado Department of Transportation has planned two public hearings in order to provide details on the proposed contract. There is concern because of a lack of clarity on how much power and control the private entity will have, and the fact that the deal was not going to be discussed publicly before it was signed by CDOT. State lawmakers have been barred from reading the entire document, which raised questions in their minds about whose interests were being protected the public’s or the private entity’s? Fourteen lawmakers sent a letter urging CDOT to give them the full contract along with sixty days to review the proposal. Thus far the Department has yet to respond but has indicated that the hearings scheduled this month will provide opportunity to air these concerns.